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Top 15 ways to use your old smartphone

So you brought a brand new smartphone recently or you gonna buy one. That's good choice. But what you are going to do with your old smartphone? Mostly every one would just simple sell it to some one for a decent price. But there is a way better things you can do with your old smartphones. Here are few best things that you can do with your old smartphones which you sold it to some one. If you are planning to sell it. Just read this, you wont sell it simply.

Use it as a wireless router

Using the built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot feature, you can easily use an old phone as a portable router. Plug in a 3G SIM card and choose a data plan with a good data limit.

Use it as a wireless security camera or baby monitor

There are a number of free apps that can convert your smartphone into a wireless security camera. Try IP Webcam for Android or iVigilo Smartcam for iOS — these apps use your phone's camera to stream live video that can be viewed in any web browser, any video player that supports streaming or on another smartphone/tablet.

Use it as Wireless keyboard and Touchpad

Install the free wireless mouse apps on your device and its companion software on your computer, and you can turn your old phone or tablet into a wireless touchpad for your desktop PC. If you pair it with a laptop, you could use an old phone as a wireless presentation remote too!

You can use it as a standalone GPS navigator

 Maps and navigation is free on your smartphone. You have probably used this while driving. This means that with an old smartphone acting as a location finder, you don't need to buy a standalone GPS navigator for the car — just keep your old phone permanently mounted in the car. All you need is a car windscreen or dashboard mount for the phone.

Use it as a portable messaging device

With a WiFi connection and a few of the right apps, an old phone can be used for Facebook chat, MSN, AIM, and all of those other chat services. Dumping all the chatting applications in your new smartphone can lead in lagging on that device. So you can simply use your old one as a messaging device.

You can use it as media player on your TV

If your smartphone has TVout (via MHL or HDMI out), then you can easily convert it into a flash based media player for the TV. Get a high capacity memory card for your smartphone (we recommend getting a 32/64GB card depending on your budget and smartphone support) and copy your movies and music onto it.

Next, just connect the TV and smartphone using a MHL or HDMI cable, connect the phone to a power outlet (constant media playing will consume a lot of battery) and enjoy your music/movies on a big screen. You can also stream multimedia wirelessly over DLNA or Miracast if your smartphone and TV both support it.

Use it as E-Reader

You can use it as a ereader device for reading news through apps and use it as a pdf and msoffice files reader. Instead of buying a Kindle book you can access to all of the same material available on the Kindle, all you have to do is download the Kindle app. It not only gives you access to the entire Kindle library but also functions as an eReader itself. Google Play Books also has a large library of books available.

Use it as a testbed for apps

The number of apps these days in your mobile app store has been increased very fast. Many apps that you use can cause damage to your device. Or you can be a mobile application developer. You can simply test all such apps in your old smartphone. If you use WP, then you can unlock it and use it as a testbed for new or old apps.

Making it Kid-friendly

You might got bored by using your own mobile or tablet but still it is technologically advanced gadget? Do not worry then. Today kids needs gadgets that can be useful for their educational purpose. You can install parental protection apps and can give them to use it for them.

Use it as a retro gaming device 

Still few games need only basic hardware requirements. So you can install basic games to enjoy a while. You can use it to playing games. Also you can build a miniature arcade equipment with your old smartphone.

You can use it as Super-Low-Power-Server

The web server uses a standard Linux package and just a few different Android apps: BotBrew Basil, VNC Server, and QuickSSHD. The installation process is pretty simple and once your sever is running you have a fully portable web server that you can dish out content privately or publicly with. It probably can't handle a ton of traffic. Servers Ultimate  is the most feature-rich and effective server application for Android. It offers an intuitive interface that makes it easy to start and stop servers. From the home screen you can add servers, remove servers, and configure more than 60 server types it offers to your preference. This makes Server Ultimate a great option for all types of servers, though it does cost $9 after a limited 14-day trial. 

Use it as Digital- wall clock and Alarm timepiece

Use your old gadgets as digital wall clocks and as alarm timepiece purpose.

Use it as a Digital Picture Frame

Simply add pictures you would like to display, and then set the gallery/photo program to display them in a looping slideshow.

Use it as a emergency or extra camera with you

Imagine you have went to a new place and your digi cam has just got shut down by empty battery. Your phone is very old but having a pretty decent camera in it. Then you can use it for photoshoot with good camera apps and you can edit it by using compatible apps.

Use it as a scanner and a cloud printing device

You can install camscanner app and use your old mobile as a scanner application and give a print command to a printer which is in a remote place. Just install Google cloud print in your old smartphone turn it into many such useful devices.


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  1. i want to use like security camera how i can use it ???????????

    1. Yes you can install apps like IP WEBCAM and DROID wireless app and you can use it over network..


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