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How to increase USB drive transfer speed

Cause for decrease in performance of your USB drive:

  1. Ageing of your pendrive.
  2. Types of files we are transferring. Executable files and other apps will take more time for copying than mp3 files or video files or any document files would take.
  3. Your USB drive or port is atleast not a 2.0 version.
Steps To Increase USB or Pen Drive Speed:

1.Connect the USB or Pen Drive to your Computer.

Open My Computer > Right Click On USB or Pen Drive > Properties.

2.Then on the Hardware Tab select the USB or Pen Drive connected and then click Properties > Policies Tab.

3.Now select “Optimize for Performance” option rather than “Optimize for Quick Removal” and click Ok.

4.Now just format the USB or Pen Drive with NTFS File System by selecting format option from the drop down menu of formatting.

5.Check for disk errors.  Go to the properties tab of your pen drive, then select ‘tools’ tab. You will find a ‘check now’ button, click it and then hit ‘start’ to fix the errors. The time taken for scan depends on the size of the pen
6.Most USB devices used for Windows are configured to prevent data loss due to unsafe removal of the USB drive. In techie talk, this is called “disabling write caching”. By enabling write caching, you can dramatically increase the performance on your USB drive, likewise for external hard drives. You can find this option in Properties > Policies of your USB drive.

Now Speed of USB or Pen Drive Speed is boosted.

NOTE: You should keep checking for these aspects regularly to keep the performance up of your pendrive.
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