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Use your computer keyboard as computer mouse

You can use your computer keyboard as your computer mouse in your windows 7 and further editions, for that you need a keyboard with numeric keypad.

Press Alt + left Shift + NumLock.

You'll see a dialog box. Now click on Yes.

Now you can use you computer keyboard numeric keypad as mouse. { Illustrated in below image }
You'll have more customising options on this. Which you can see if you click on Go to Ease of access . . . message which was displayed when you pressed  Alt + left Shift NumLock.

To turn-off mouse keys, again press Alt + left Shift NumLock.

For proper usage know these TWO features:

When you use keyboard and mouse or the above trick/procedure, you can use these two methods/tips to use very effectively.

  1. Top 10 computer mouse tips everyone should know
  2. 100 keyboard shortcuts every one should know
Not only these. Still there are many features you can find it on Ease of Access. Press Win+U too check those.

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  1. Cool, Thanks man, I have had a problem with my mouse for some time....


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