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How to develop and run your own Firefox OS apps - complete tutorial

Firefox OS(project name: Boot to Gecko, also known as B2G) is a Linux kernel-based open-source operating system forsmartphones and tablet computers and is set to be used on smart TVs. It is being developed by Mozilla, the non-profit organization best known for the Firefox web browser.

Firefox OS is designed to provide a complete community-based alternative system for mobile devices, using open standards and approaches such as HTML5 applications, JavaScript, a robust privilege model, open web APIs to communicate directly with cellphone hardware, and application marketplace. As such, it competes with commercially developed operating systems such as Apple's iOS,Google's Android, Microsoft's Windows Phone and Jolla's Sailfish OS as well as other community-based open source systems such as Ubuntu Touch. Continue reading...

Follow these simple steps: 

Create a basic HTML5, CSS3 and JS app, nothing but a simple webpage. Now add your webpage or may be a collection of few webpages and add it in a folder. And now create a manifest.webapp file. In my case, I created a app with name LIMAT and I gave description as limat.

  "name": "LIMAT",
  "description": "This is a webapp of my website",
  "launch_path": "site/index.php",
  "icons": {
    "512": "site/img/logo.png",
    "128": "site/img/limat.png"
  "developer": {
    "name": "Sriram PV, P C MADNESS",
    "url": ""
  "default_locale": "en"
Now save the file with name manifest and with extension .webapp. Like : manifest.webapp.
Now open your Firefox web browser, and donot forget to install FIREFOX OS simulator V1.1,  (a addon to it). Now open the simulator. To open the simulator. 

"Click on Open Menu -> Developers -> Firfox OS simulator." Now click on add directory and browse to the location where your project is saved. Now select the manifest.webapp file.

First add all your HTML, CSS files in a folder and manifest file in main project folder.

Now open simulator and click on "Add directory". 

And navigate to the project folder and select the manifest file and add its directory.

Now, after adding the directory:
  1. Click on push.
  2. Start running the simulator.
  3. And your application will be opened in your Firefox simulator screen.

If the procedure you followed was correct then your file will be installed in the simulator and your app will be visible for you in the simulator screen. 

Check the video if you went wrong in anywhere in the procedure.

Thanks for reading this. Wait for a next post on - how to make a installable app in your Firefox mobile

How to develop and run your own Firefox OS apps - complete tutorial How to develop and run your own Firefox OS apps - complete tutorial Reviewed by Sriram PV on 18:26:00 Rating: 5


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