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How to use any mobile applications in your computer

Hello readers, here is a post that gives you information on how to run the all famous mobile operating system applications in your PC virtually without in need of device. But not for all OS. But still you can see the cases how you can use your mobile os apps with your Windows PC (Android, Windows, IOS, JAVA, BB, FF, Symbian).

How to run Android apps in PC?

A very old question with lot of results in internet. From long time ago people are asking me how to run Whatsapp in PC. And the answer would be, not only Whatsapp, any android application can be used in your PC. To use your android apps in your PC all you need to do is, just install a application called Blue stacks in your Computer. To know more about Bluestacks app player : Click here.

How to run Java Mobile apps in PC?
And many of us are using Java mobile. Though there may be many smartphone applications, still we like and use those interesting Java mobile applications ( a .jar file). If you are using or ever used Java mobile, then you will know how good those apps are. To run java apps in your PC, you need to install KEmulator. To know more about KEmulator : Click here .

How to use IOS apps in your PC?
IOS, on of the most famous operating system in Mobile World. Most interesting part every one knows about it is, IOS is having more number of apps than any other mobile OS. To run IOS apps in your PC, you need to install IPadian. iPadian is not an iOS emulator in the same way that BlueStacks emulates Android. Ipadian is an IOS simulator which is capable of running IOS apps through it. To know more details about Ipadian: Click here. And download from here But my personal opinion is you'll not be happy with this. Because you cannot use this by installing new apps.

How to run Symbian apps in your PC?
 Symbian one of the famous mobile operating system on many devices. Especially for Nokia users. Most of the Nokia users are using Symbian OS Device. Though Android covers a very famous, still Symbian has very useful apps. To run symbian apps in your PC just you need to install Symbian SDK. Visit the official Nokia Developers website. Download the Symbian Emulator you want to work with from the dropdown menu in the right sidebar. Unzip the zipped file you downloaded and run the setup.exe file. Accept everything and install anything that the setup asks for. After the setup is complete run the Emulator.exe file that can be located at “Start Menu > All Programs > Nokia Developer Tools > Symbian SDK”.  I cannot give you direct link for Symbian emulator because the link has been suspended from Nokia site.

How to run Blackberry apps in your PC?
To run Blackberry applications in your PC, you need to download Blackberry Simulator which is capable of running Blackberry applications in your PC.They support 90% of the functionality of a real BlackBerry Smartphone. You can also use the BlackBerry smartphone simulator controller to automate tasks in the simulator. This is a command line tool included with the simulator. Download Blackberry Simulator from here .

 How to run Firefox apps in your PC?
Though Firefox OS is not yet that much famous in market but soon it will become more famous like Android OS in mobile world. Basic concept behind this is, you can program a application by using your basic HTML knowledge. If you are good at HTML, then you are good enough to make some basic applications for Firefox OS. To run your own firefox OS apps from your PC, you just need to add this Firefox simulator for your Firefox Browser from here.

How to run Windows phone apps in your PC?
Windows Phone 8 OS is my favourite operating system. Though it has few apps not like Android and IOS have, the userfriendly and tile view makes me to stare the screen for long time simply. To run Windows apps in your PC, you need to download Windows Phone Emulator from here.

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