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Why Google search is so fast ?

It’s amazing to know how Google search happens in a seconds to search more than 45 billion web pages and it takes even minutes to search my hard drive with only 500GB size, know why?

The thing is, the hard disk of a computer does not scans our data frequently like Google. This is known as non-indexed based searching.

To understand the answer to the question, you must first get a very basic idea of how search engines actually work. At its core, a search engine consists of a crawler and an indexer. The crawler's job is to crawl the web, and I mean literally! It crawls from one page to another through hyperlinks. That is why if you build a new website, building links to it from other sites is a quicker way of getting it noticed than submitting it to Google's index.

Google is not searching the internet: it is searching an index. Google has huge server farms which are constantly scanning and indexing the internet. This process takes a lot of time, just like the search of your non-indexed hard drive. In Windows 7, there is an option to index your hard drives. This process takes some time at first but once it is up and running the results of a search will be instantaneous.Google is not directly searching the web when we ask for something, Google just search its index located on its data center spread around the globe.

Once the crawler has found a page, it is the indexer's job to index the page's content.
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