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How to download Facebook Videos without any software - 3 simple ways

There are people who often ask me that how to download videos from Facebook.
There are many fake websites which says that you can download videos from Facebook. And I found two genuine website where you can download the videos from Facebook.

Follow these simple steps:
1st method:

1. Go to Facebook and open the video you want to download.

2. Then copy the link of the video.

3. Go to and paste the link address in the box and click on download.


2nd method: Go to the following link and paste the url of the page in the box and click on download button. And now select the video quality with which it should download


3rd method:

1. Add m. before the (on the video link).
2. Now you can see mobile version of it. And play the video.
3. Now right click on the video and click on save video as.

That's all.
How to download Facebook Videos without any software - 3 simple ways How to download Facebook Videos without any software - 3 simple ways Reviewed by Sriram PV on 16:34:00 Rating: 5


  1. Very nice indeed, but I found another cool option. Have you heard of Torch browser?
    It's a very good browser that enables you to download videos off youtube and facebook and other sites and it's really easy to use it.
    You can download it here:

  2. yes i do.. and its for those who don't use torch browser.
    u can download it from . It has some unique qualities, and the best browser i used ever !

  3. Good, I'm happy you know it.
    I totally agree, torch is the best browser that I know.

  4. Friends IDM is not download the videos from facebook if you find difficulty in downloading videos from facebook open this link to learn "how to downlod videos from facebook without any software" Link

  5. Now IDM supports for Facebook vids too


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