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What is the full form of Computer ??

Computer is not an acronym, it is a device that "computes" by executing basic instructions.

Is it your belief that the word is made up of other words? It isn't. Computer is the word. It means someone, or something, that computes, or works with numbers.

There is no real full form of the computer , it is English word "Compute" , it's general meaning Calculate. If any word has full form then it should be in Capital letter such as
" COMPUTER" ....this capital letter means it is the collection of many different words but here it is a English word in it self. So Computer has no Full Form...

But in general people invented few full forms for Computer.. Here I mention 2 of them I know. Its just for understanding that what computer is used for..

1] C-common O-operating M-machine P-particularly you- U-used for T-trade,technical E-educational and R-research

2] Communication Oriented Machine Purposely Utilized Technical Educational Research

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