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Windows, Linux Or MAC OS - A Comparison

You buy a new PC for yourself and the first question that strikes you is “Which operating system will be the best?” This is a very basic question as you have scads of options to suit your system. Windows, Linux and  ac OS rule the present world of operating systems with Windows acquiring the maximum share. A well comparison between the three can give you a good understanding of these operating systems.

1) What Is Windows?

The Windows operating system is developed and maintained by Microsoft, based in Seattle, WA. The company was founded by Bill Gates.
The first version was released in 1985 and since then the OS never looked back ruling the market with a share of about 90%.
This OS is basically programmed in C, C++ and Assembly language.
The most recent server version used by this OS is the Windows Server 2008 R2.
The Windows is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) based operating system which allows people to manage files and run software programs on desktop and laptop computers with much ease and comfort.
This system makes use of icons that can be seen on its desktop. These icons serve the primary stage of functioning which needs to be clicked to do any work.
Windows is basically famous for its high user interface programs like Microsoft Office, high security and scads of entertainment programs.
Some of the popular Windows editions are Win 98, Win 2000, Win Me, Windows NT, Windows CE, Win 2003, Win XP, Win Vista and Windows 7.
Windows 8, a successor of Win 7 is currently in development and is likely to hit the market sometime around 2012.

2) What Is LINUX?

Linux stands for Linus’ Unix
Linux is a leading server operating system, and runs the 10 fastest supercomputers in the world.
Tux the penguin is the mascot of Linux.
Linux was built on the UNIX tradition. Linux was originally developed by Linus Torwalds of Finland, who currently owns the Linux trademark.
The various distributions of Linux come from different companies (i.e. LIndows, Lycoris, Red Hat, SuSe, Mandrake, Knopping, Slackware).
The various supported platforms of Linux include DEC Alpha, ARM, AVR32, Blackfin, ETRAX CRIS, FR-V, H8/300, Itanium, M32R, m68k, Microblaze, MIPS, MN103, PA-RISC, PowerPC, s390, S+core, SuperH, SPARC, TILE64, Unicore32, x86, Xtensa.
NASlite is one of version of Linux that runs off a single floppy disk and converts an old computer into file server. This ultra small edition of Linux is capable of networking, file sharing and being a web server.
Some of the famous Linux versions include Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat, Gentoo, and Slackware.
Ranked after Windows, Linux is gaining popularity very fast and we can expect this OS to give a tough competition to Windows in the recent future.

3) What Is Mac?

Mac OS X is a series of Unix-based operating systems and graphical user interfaces developed, marketed, and sold by Apple Inc.
It is the successor to Mac OS 9, which had been Apple’s primary operating system since 1984.
It is basically programmed in C, C++ and Objective-C.
The first version was released with the original “Thin” Macintosh (i.e., the Macintosh 128K) in 1984, and until the release of Mac OS X, the Mac OS remained Apple’s flagship operating system.
Mac OS is characterized by a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) and nearly universal plug-and-play support.

The platforms supported include IA-32 and x86-64 from version10.4 and PowerPC 32-bit & 64-bit up through version 10.5.

                                   Difference Between Windows, LINUX And MAC OS:-

Windows, Macintosh, and Linux are the three most popular operating systems with Windows being the most popular among the three. Estimates vary, but approximately 85% to 90% of personal computers use Windows.
In contrast to the large market share enjoyed by Windows, Macintosh is used by fewer people. Macintosh regulates the design of software and hardware add-ons more rigidly than Microsoft, so the software and hardware added to a Mac is less likely to fail.
Linux is less popular and is based on UNIX, an operating system used for more than three decades that now powers about 90% of Web sites. In sharp contrast to both Windows and Macintosh, Linux is an open source project which enables anyone to modify the Linux code.
Although Linux offers greater security and flexibility than other operating systems, it requires some technical knowledge to install and use.
For desktop or home purpose, Linux is very cheap or free, Windows is expensive.
For server use, Linux is very cheap compared to Windows. Microsoft allows single copy of Windows to be used on only one computer. Starting with Windows XP, they use software to enforce this rule (activation).In contrast, once you have purchased Linux, you can run it on any number of computers for no additional charges.
As Windows store user information (files and settings) anywhere, it makes it hard for the users to backup user data files and settings and to switch to a new computer. In contrast, Linux stores all user data in the home directory making it much easier to migrate from an old computer to a new one.

Thus to conclude the whole comparison, I would say that Linux needs a lot of knowledge before installing whereas Windows and MAC OS requires very little knowledge. Moreover Linux is much more secured than the other two OS, making it preferable in industry sectors. But for personal and day-to-day use, Windows forms the best option.

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