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How To Hide A File In A Picture With Command Prompt

Using a simple trick in Windows, you can actually hide a file inside of the JPG picture file!

You can actually hide any type of file inside of an image file, including txt, exe, mp3, avi, or whatever else.  ot only that, you can actually store many files inside of single JPG file, not just one! This can come in very handy if you need to hide files and don’t want to bother with encryption and all that other technical stuff.
Hide File in Picture

In order to accomplish this task, you will need to have either WinZip or WinRAR installed on your computer.
For example here I'm hiding a file in a image in C-drive of my computer. The steps are as follows:

Create a folder on your hard drive, i.e. C:\Test and put in all of the files that you want to hide into that folder. Also, place the image that you will be using to hide the files in.

Now select all of the files that you want to hide, right-click on them, and choose the option to add them to acompressed ZIP or RAR file. Only select the files you want to hide, not the picture. Name it whatever you want, i,e. “Hidden.rar”.

Now you should have a folder that looks something like this with files, a JPG image, and a compressed archive:

Now here’s the fun part! Click on Start, and then click on Run. Type in “CMD” without the quotes and pressEnter. You should now see the command prompt window open. Type in “CD \” to get to the root directory. Then type CD and the directory name that you created, i.e. “CD Test“.

Now type in the following line: “copy /b DSC06578.JPG + Hidden.rar DSC06578.jpg” and pressEnter. Do not use the quotes. You should get a response like below:

Here the commands means, copy->copying, /b->binding or hiding

Just make sure that you check the file extension on the compressed file, whether it is .ZIP or .RAR as you have to type out the entire file name with extension in the command.

And that’s it! The picture file will have been updated with the compressed archive inside! You can actually check the file size of the picture and see that it has increased by the same amount as the size of the archive.

If you didnt get the trick click on this video. Here in this video we hide a file in a image, but the directory is on the desktop itself. I prefer to do the work on desktop as it wont be messy if you don't have much icons on your desktop.

You can get back the archieved file back by either of the way. The one how it was shown by using the command. And the another way, the easy way is to open the image with winzip or winrar.

NOTE : To convert these bat files to exe, use this .bat to .exe converter tool

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  1. Thanks but how do I see all those pictures again

    1. open the pic with windows photo viewer.. or keep photoviewer as default file opener...


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