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A Collection of 101 Useful Websites Worth a Bookmark

01. –record movies of yourdesktop and sendthem straight toYouTube.

02. –for capturing fulllength screenshots ofweb pages.

03. – shortenlong URLs and convertURLs into QR codes.

04. – findthe original URLsthat’s hiding behind ashort URLs.

05. – knowmore than just thelocal time of a city– copy-paste specialcharacters that aren’ton your keyboard.

07. – abetter search enginefor twitter.

08. –search iOS appswithout launchingiTunes.

09. –the best place to findicons of all sizes.

10. –download templates,clipart and images foryour Officedocuments.

11. –everything you wantedto know about awebsite.

12. –scan any suspiciousfile or emailattachment forviruses.

13.– gets answers directlywithout searching –see more wolframtips.– print web pageswithout the clutter.

15. –reformats newsarticles and blogcontent as anewspaper.

16. – whenyou wish to share a NSFW page but with awarning.

17. – asimple online timer for your daily needs.

18. – if a site is down due to heavy traffic, try accessing it through coral CDN.

19. – pickrandom numbers, flipcoins, and more.

20. –check the trust level of any website –example.

21. –Preview PDFs and Presentations directlyin the browser.

22. –simultaneously uploadvideos to YouTube andother video sites.

23. – thebest place forsearching web videos.

24. – share youemail address onlinewithout worryingabout spam.

25. – now get read receipts foryour email.

26. –visualize and comparethe size of anyproduct.

27. –quickly determine the font name from an image.

28. –a good collection of fonts – free forpersonal and commercial use.

29. – find data hidden in your photographs – seemore EXIF tools.

30. – this islike an online versionof Google Googles.

31.– helps you searchdomains across allTLDs.

32. –your favorite blogsdelivered as PDFs.

33. – share you screen with anyoneover the web.

34. –recognize text from scanned PDFs andimages – see otherOCR tools.

35. –Track flight status atairports worldwide.

36. –for sharing really bigfiles online.

37. – atemporary onlineclipboard for your textand code snippets. –check your writing forspelling orgrammatical errors.– easily highlight theimportant parts of aweb page.

40. –work on the samedocument withmultiple people. –planning an event?find a date that worksfor all.

42.– a less confusing viewof the world timezones.

43.– you’ll need this whenyour bookmarked webpages are deleted.

44. – theperfect tool formeasuring your siteperformance online.

45. – chat with your buddies on Skype,Facebook, GoogleTalk, etc. from oneplace.– translate web pages,PDFs and Officedocuments.

47. – sit backand enjoy YouTubevideos in full-screenmode.

48. –discover new sites thatare similar to whatyou like already.

49. – quicksummarize long piecesof text with tagclouds.

50. – createmind-maps,brainstorm ideas inthe browser.

51. –get color ideas, alsoextract colors fromphotographs.

52.– setup quickreminders via emailitself.

53. – whenyour friends are toolazy to use Google ontheir own.

54. –generate temporaryemail aliases, betterthan disposable email.

55. –lets you can quicklyedit PDFs in thebrowser itself.

56. – sendan online fax for free– see more faxservices.

57. –get RSS feeds as anemail newsletter.58. –transfer files withoutuploading to a server.

59. –setup a private chatroom in micro-seconds.

60. –create text notes thatwill self-destruct afterbeing read.

61. –live flight trackingservice for airportsworldwide.

62. – trackthe status of anyshipment on GoogleMaps – alternative.

63. – whenyou need to raisefunds online for anevent or a cause. – is your favouritesite really offline?

65. – thiswebsite can be used asan example indocumentation. –find the web host ofany website.

67.– found something onGoogle but can’tremember it now?– find whether a photois real or aphotoshopped one.

69. – get wordmeanings,pronunciations andusage examples. –find definitions ofslangs and informalwords.

71. –consult this site beforechoosing a seat foryour next flight.

72. – downloadstock images absolutely free.

73. – chat withyour buddies on Skype,Facebook, GoogleTalk, etc. from oneplace.

74. – unzipyour compressed filesonline.

75. –record your voice witha click.

76.– create customGoogle Maps easily.

77. –never miss anotherInternet meme or viralvideo.

78. –quickly setup emailreminders forimportant events.– prevent your ISP and boss from reading your search queries.

80. –you can ask or answerpersonal questionshere.

81. – findif that email offer youreceived is real or justanother scam.

82. –master touch-typingwith these practicesessions.

83. – sendvideo emails to anyoneusing your web cam.

84. – quickly senda file to someone,they can even previewit before downloading.

85. –create timelines withaudio, video andimages.

86. –make a movie out ofyour images, audioand video clips.

87. –an online audio editorthat lets you recordand remix audio clip.

88. –print music sheets,write your own musiconline (review).– create a temporaryweb page that self-destruct.

90.– when you need tofind the name of asong.

91. –design from scratch orre-model your home in3d.

92. – useemail on your phoneto find sports scores,read Wikipedia, etc.

93. – abeautiful to-do appthat resembles apaper dairy.

94. –broadcast events liveover the web,including your desktopscreen.

95. –automatically findperfectly-sizedwallpapers formobiles.

96. –preserve completeweb pages with all theformatting.

97. –your virtualwhiteboard.

98. –send an email withoutusing your ownaccount.

99. –an excellent layer-based online imageeditor.

100.– create flowcharts,network diagrams,sitemaps, etc.

101.– Get your Facebook and Twitter streams in your inbox.

The above content is taken from different websites. It is for sharing some knowledge.
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