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How to get source code from apk android app

Hello guys many of you would already know this that how to extract the Java, XML and other source files. If you are new to this topic, then you would be most excited to read this.

Here is the step by step procedure to extract java, xml, jpeg, png and other files from any .apk file. You can know the code for your educational purpose, but you can not simply import the extracted folder into android studio or to eclipse IDE.

Here I'm going to show you two ways to extract source from apk file. 1. Online and 2. Offline.


Click the below link and upload your apk file and wait till your source files get downloaded to your computer.


Steps to get JAVA files from .apk file :

Rename and get dex2jar file

  • Rename the .apk file into .zip file (example pcmadness.apk into
  •  Extract file and copy classes.dex file from extracted folder.
  •  Extract and paste classes.dex into dex2jar folder. 
  •  Open command prompt and change directory to the dex2jar folder. Then write dex2jar classes.dex and press enter.
 Now you will get classes.dex.dex2jar file in the same folder.

Convert classes.dex to classes.dex.dex2jar

classes.dex.dex2jar will be in dex2jar folder
  • Now open jd-gui(Java decompiler) and click on open file. 
  • And then open classes.dex.dex2jar file from that folder.
 Now you will get class files and save all these class files by clicking on file then click “save all sources” in jd-gui by src name.

Steps to get XML files from .apk file:

You now successfully took the source from the app. This is for educational purpose only.

Or watch this video for better understanding from

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