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How to find someones IP address via different sources

Today i am going to explain you few commonly used methods you can get the IP address and location of someone with few common techniques

1.How to track IP address of anyone using email?
Method 1: 

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Enter your email address below and click "Get Link"
Step 3: Send your friend the innocent looking link we provide you
Step 4: When your friend, or anyone for that matter, clicks the link, a hidden script will email you their IP address and geo targeting location!

Method 2:
Step 1: Know what is your victim email id.
For eg: victimid[@]
Step 2: Register an account here:
Step 3: Send mail to victim using your mail account. Before sending mail append "" at end of victim mail ID.
For eg: victimid[@]
Step 4:If victim opens the mail, his info will be tracked(IP address) and mailed to your account.

2.GET IP through a link ( a php file ) 
First copy the below codes into Notepad and save it as ip.php

<?php $hostname = gethostbyaddr($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']);
$img_number = imagecreate(400,95); $backcolor = imagecolorallocate($img_number,10,102,153); $textcolor = imagecolorallocate($img_number,255,255,255); imagefill($img_number,0,0,$backcolor); $number0 = " This is Your IP/Proxy"; $number1 = " IP: $_SERVER[HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR]"; $number2 = " Host/Proxy: $hostname"; $number4 = " _________________________________"; Imagestring($img_number,10,5,5,$number0,$textcolor); Imagestring($img_number,10,5,25,$number1,$textcolor); Imagestring($img_number,10,5,45,$number2,$textcolor); Imagestring($img_number,10,5,50,$number4,$textcolor); Imagestring($img_number,10,8,50,$number4,$textcolor); Imagestring($img_number,10,5,10,$number4,$textcolor); Imagestring($img_number,10,8,10,$number4,$textcolor); header("Content-type: image/png"); imagepng($img_number); $file=fopen("pcmadness.txt","a"); $file2 = "- IP joined - IP/Proxy: $_SERVER[HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR] - Host: $hostname - '\n' "; fwrite($file, $file2); fclose($file); ?>
  1. Now upload the php file in any free servers and give the link of the file to the person whom IP you want to get.
  2. Now, when the victim clicks on the link, a .txt will be created automatically with name pcmadness.txt (for the first time use of link) and you will get the IP address of victim in the notepad file automatically.
  3. When ever you give that link to any person, his/her IP will be saved in that .txt file automatically.
3.GET IP Address through Skype :
1. When you're in the Skype call press alt + crtl + delete and go into Task Manager. 2. When you're in Task Manager click on the Performance tab. 3. Once you're in the performance tab click on resource monitor. 4. Now tick skype.exe and look in the Network Activity box below, you should see you sending information and receiving information and it has their I.P Address.
4.GET IP Address through Facebook :
Note: Before trying this make sure you close all the other tabs in your browser and only facebook is open. Also if possible delete all the history and cache from your browser 1. First invite or ping that person for a chat on facebook . 2. Make sure your all other tabs in browser and other services in computer are closed. If Possible for you then delete all the cookies-cache and browsing history from your browser. 3. While chatting on Facebook go to Start >- Run >- cmd . 4. After Opening command Prompt Type netstat -an command and hit Enter. 5. Now you will get Ip Address of all the established connections there . 6. Note all the suspicious Ip’s and trace user using ip address tracer sites like And click on "Click for big IP address location image" link given just below the map. Few other websites to find IP locations are whatismyip or . Remember this doesn't work 100% of the time but it is quite accurate .

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