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How to create dangerous real virus (Works 100%)

What is computer Virus ?

A computer virus is much like the human version in that it's purpose is to spread from system to system, replicating itself all the while causing damage to each infected host. A computer virus can range in size and purpose but typically they are small bits of code which are hidden in or attached to other files. The word virus is often a broad term which is used to (  continue reading... ).

Here are Top10 Tips To Secure Computer & Accounts From Hackers, Virus, Torjons, Malware Worms.

Here are some virus creator tools which are very harmful to any Windows PC. I am not providing download links for these tools. So you can Google for download links which are already uploaded by many hackers in many servers.

NOTE : To convert these bat files to exe, use this .bat to .exe converter tool

DELmE's Batch Virus Generator

DELmE's Batch Virus Generator is an amazing virus creation program with lots of options to infect the victim PC such as format C: drive, delete all files, disable admin, clean registry, change home page, kill tasks, antivirus and firewall and lots more.

In Shadow Batch Virus Gen - 4.1.2

Infects a variety of popular file extensions, Enable the virus when start up, Kills processes and essential service, Change the file extension, Creating a new administrator account, change the administrator password, Shuts down the computer automatically, automatically downloading files, etc.

Ultimate Virus Builder

Add to startup, Disable System Repair, Disable Msconfig, Disable Explorer, Disable Regedit, Disable clipboard, Disable taskmanager, Disable CMD, Hide taskbar, Disconnect from the internet, Switch mouse buttons and Many more !

JPS Virus Maker

Features: Disable Registry Editor, Disable Ms Config, Disable Task Manager, Disable Yahoo! Messenger, Disable Media Player, Disable Internet Explorer, Disable Time, Disable Group Policy and lots more...


Terabit Virus Creator

Features: Avoid Opening Calculator, Avoid Opening Copy, Move Windows Avoid Opening Gpedit, Avoid Opening Media Player, Avoid Opening Fire Fox, Avoid Opening Notepad, Avoid Opening Ms-config, Avoid Opening Word pad, Add 30 User Accounts to Windows, Always clean Clipboard, Always Log off, Close Internet Explorer Every 10 Seconds, Delete all files in Desktop, Delete all files in My Documents, Delete Windows Fonts, Delete Windows Screen Savers, Disconnect Internet, Disable Automatic Updates and lots more 


Change Log On Password, Change Time, Add Any Number Of New User, Disable Mouse, Disable Keyboard, Fork Bomb, Delete/Format System drive(C:) and many more

Deadline's Virus Maker

Randomly Move Mouse, Press Keyboard keys Randomly, Slow Computer, Force Restart, Crazy CD Drive, Disable Mouse, Delete Clipboard Text, Kill every process, Disable Calculator, Disable Notepad, File Pumper, File Binder, Extension Spoofer and many more

Andreinick05's Batch Virus Maker

Custom Message Box, Shout Message Timer, Change Drive Name, Custom Command, Change User Password, Disable Windows Defender, Disable Windows Security Center, Disable Windows Firewall, Disable Windows Update, Disable Windows Back Up, Notepad Spam, 

NOTE: This Is Only For Educational Purpose. I Will Not Be Responsible For Anything Done By You.

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    1. Download the program and go with options/menu. If not, download and try to understand that how to use a software.


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