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How to remove Ubuntu or other OS from the Windows Boot Menu using cmd (Dual Booting)

I have dual booting problem in my computer. When ever I turn-on or restart my laptop, the boot loader for the Ubuntu also loads even after I have removed the Ubuntu Operating System from my computer.

Use the following steps to remove a dual boot:
1. Right-click on My Computer, and select Properties.
2. Move to the Advanced tab.
3. Under Startup and Recovery, select Settings.
4. If you wish to leave the OS on the machine but not see the option screen, you can simply set the ‘time to display list of operating systems:’ to 0 as Windows OS(7 or 8 what ever you want) should now be your default OS.
5. Otherwise, if the removal of the OS is your goal, then click edit.
6. First save a copy of the Notepad file which opens ‘boot.ini’ just in case you make a mistake.
Still you can find Dual booting while booting, then remove the path from Windows Boot Menu.
So here are the few methods to remove dual booting from your computer. Let us remove the path from your Windows Boot Menu.

So now we are going to remove the dual booting problem by using CMD.


  • Open cmd with admin previllages.
  • Now type bcdedit in you cmd and hit enter. Now you'll see the lst of OS files in your Windows Boot Menu. In my PC, I can find Ubuntu even after removing it.
  • Now just copy the code that you can see which is given after "identifier" like {6fddd24.... . . }.
Right click on your cmd and you can see mark option. Click on mark, now select the text (code) given after identifier. and hit enter. So that the code can now copied to the clipboard.
  • Now in the cmd type bcdedit /delete and right click on your cmd to click on paste. So that it seems like bcdedit /delete {6fddd24........ . . . }
  • Now once again type bcdedit in your cmd and hit enter. You cannot see the Ubuntu in your cmd now.

Now restart your computer and check it.

Or else you can download this tool EasyBCDUse EasyBCD software. It automatically detects the boot loader entries and gives us a good user interface to edit them.
Hope its useful :)

How to remove Ubuntu or other OS from the Windows Boot Menu using cmd (Dual Booting) How to remove Ubuntu or other OS from the Windows Boot Menu using cmd (Dual Booting) Reviewed by Sriram PV on 09:37:00 Rating: 5

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