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How to a create log file using Notepad

Hello guys, here i come up with a trick that how to create your own log book on your PC rather then using your Pen and Paper. It'll be very useful for many of us. It might be useful even for knowing when your PC is accessed last. A very simple trick. You can keep this file in start-up folder, so when ever your PC is turned on, it executes the file and the log will be noted in it automatically.

There are two simple ways to create a log file using notepad.

1st Method

  1. Open Notepad file.
  2. Now type .LOG (includes caps) and save the program with any name and where you want to save your log file.
  3. Now re-open the saved notepad file. 
That's all. It keeps a record when ever we open the file. Now you can type the details when the file opens just below the log time and save it with your desired text. You can even use this as your daily diary Here is the example picture
How to a create log file using Notepad

2nd Method

  1. Open Notepad.
  2. Now type echo %date% %time% >>log.txt
  3. Now save it as anyname.bat. But .bat extension should be compulsory.
  4. Now double-click on the batch file. It'll create a  notepad with same name given to batch file. 
Now when ever you want to enter any particular in log file, just double-click on the batch file and now open the notepad file. It'll automatically create a log detail with time and date. Now enter the data just below the date and time details and save it. Repeat the process when ever you need to enter a detail in the log

Thanks for visiting. Hope that's beneficial.

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