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How to bypass right click disabled websites/blogs

Hello friends, here in this post I will tell you how to bypass the right click protected website in most popular browsers 1)Google chrome, 2) Firefox and 3) Internet Explorer. Trick will be very useful where you cannot do copy the text on the web page or save the web page.  The reason behind we cannot do copy or right click is banned due to a java script that is running alongside the website code. We just need to skip that to do copy or right click on that web page.

1) Using Google Chrome:

1.Click on the Chrome “menu” button (on the top right corner) and select Tools.
2.From the “Settings” page, click on Show advanced settings…
3.Now under Privacy, click on the button Content settings…
4. Under the JavaScript, select the radio button which says “Do not allow any site to run JavaScript” and click on “Done”.

2) Using Firefox browser:

1.From the menu bar, click on Tools -> Options.
2.From the Options window, switch to Content tab, uncheck the option which says “Enable JavaScript” and click on “OK”.
3) Using Internet Explorer:
1.From the menu bar, go to Tools -> Internet Options.
2.In the “Internet Options” window, switch to Security tab and click on the button Custom level…
3.From the Security Settings, look for the option Active scripting and select the Disable radio button as shown above and click on “OK”.
4.You may even select the Prompt radio button, so that each time a page is loaded, you will have the option to either enable or disable the scripting.

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