Sunday, 7 July 2013

How to unlock password protected ZIP files without any software

Hello guys, Today I'm here with a new trick that
"How to unlock password protected .zip files"

Remember, this trick might not work for all time. Some files may be hash protected.
So here is trick.

Go to the following link provided below

Click here!!

And now after the page is loaded, upload your password protected zip file in the site, and click on convert file

Now the password protected file will be converted into a unlocked zip file and will be downloaded to your PC shortly.

Or if you want QR code for download link, you may even get the QR code from the same page.

Not only converting password protected zip files, there are some additional features in that site. You can convert your audio, video, document, eBook, hash, image files.

That's all :) Hope that's beneficial


  1. Thank you for your kind information .

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  2. thank you soo much

  3. HOW TO UNLOCK ZIP/RAR FILE WIthout password!! Guys I have found a more effective and simpler method! GO right here

  4. Error message

    The file is password protected. We never ask our users for passwords and therefore do not convert password protected files.

    1. I have mentioned about this already.. all password protected files cannot be cracked.. but only few by this method


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