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How to kill Virus by using Task Manager

Task Manager can kill virus

How to use Task Manager to kill infection
Once you have killed the process you then use a malware spyware program to clean out your computer.

For best results run below instructions in safe mode.

Note: If you cannot kill infection directly on your computers operating system you should run computer in safe mode in most cases the infection will not be able to run in safe mode.
Here is the way to start your computer in safe mode

Restart your computer, then hitting F8 repetitively when you see manufactures logo at begining of computer startup sequence.

Once the manufactures logo finishes you can stop hitting F8.) now you will see a window open after aboout 10sec. as shown below.

After then, starting your computer, Open your task manager and click on processes tab and let's see if you can find the executable(.exe) files that are part of the infection that is on your computer.

For example if you have the infection like "Quick Defragmenter" which is a rogue infection.

Go to the link known infection above you will find the process name - (WxTfqWjq.exe) as shown below.

So go to task manager click on processes tab find the infection WxTfqWjq.exe click on it to highlight it and then go down and click on end process all shown in red below.

Now once you click on end process above a task manager Warning window will open saying some thing along the lines of "terminating a process can cause undesired results etc..."

Just click Yes because you are killing an infection.

Now the process has been killed.

Once you click yes you will see that the process "infection" will have stop working.

You may have more than one infected program running.

so check for other infected programs that could be running from the list of known infected processes.

when you have killed all known process you will now be able to run a malware or spyware program which will clean out the infections from your computer.

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