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Check your Pen-Drive is Original or Fake

How to check your Pen-Drive is Original or Fake
Nowadays we can buy Flash drive at low price. We can buy 32GB flash drive for only 10 $. Mostly these are fake drives. Now flash drives also manufactured as fake and its it's look like original one. These type flash drives are mostly imported from China. They are using some small programs to show 4GB pen drive as 32GB.


So let's check your Pen-drive is original or fake

H2Testw software is one of the best software to check Pen-drive is original or not. Also you can check your Memory Card with this software.

Empty the files on pen drive before checking
Click on Target DeviceNow select your Removable device
Then Click Write+Verify button.
If your pen drive is original, a message will appear as "Test finished without errors"

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