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Laptop OverHeating ??? Check out solutions!!!


While laptop chip sets and transistors become more densely packed in today's models, overheating is a problem that many people complain of from time to time. Most manufacturers fail to foresee the impact of overheating on the performance of a laptop computer, and thus pack these parts more closely together in order to save space and cost. Some brands also offer inefficient cooling systems inside their machines, and this also further compounds the problem.

But to place the blame entirely on manufacturers would be a mistake, as in a majority of cases overheating occurs because the user has left the laptop switched on and running heavy programs for a long time, or because the room in which the user is operating is not ventilated properly. When a laptop suffers from overheating there are many malfunctions and problems that come to the surface, and if this carries on for a while the computer hardware inside gets damaged permanently.

Laptop Overheating and Shutting Down

In most cases the laptop will simply shut down in the middle of some task when it gets overheated. The user should understand this symptom and accept that the hardware needs some time to cool down. If you switch on the machine right after and the laptop overheats and shuts off again, you need to just let it lie for an hour or two. This will be sufficient time for the laptop to cool down completely, and then you can resume your work.

Overheating of the laptop is something that happens when some heavy duty software and applications are running on the machine. For this reason, most laptops overheat when the user has been gaming on them for a long time. Gaming laptops are designed to combat these heating problems but using them for prolonged periods will inevitably lead to the surfacing of this problem. Other signs of overheating are the blue screen of death, operation errors, memory errors and loud and excessive fan operation.

Solutions for Overheating

People looking to fix the overheating problem can adopt a few time tested methods for the same. These methods will work with differing variations for different laptop models, but they will work nonetheless. The best solution of course, is to just switch off the laptop and leave it alone for about 2 hours at the most. If this is not possible, here are some more possible solutions for how to cool laptops that you can use.

· Try not to use your laptop outside in the sun for a long time, as this is one of the primary causes of overheating problems.

· Clean dust and debris off your laptop on a regular basis. Failure to do so will lead to the dirt creeping inside the machine eventually, and this will cause overheating problems. Here are some ways on how to find laptop temperature and see if this problem plagues you.

· You can also try removing the power plug for the laptop when you are using it from time to time. If you use the power plug at all times, overheating is bound to happen sooner or later.

· If you are not going to be using the laptop for a prolonged period, switch it off instead of leaving it in Sleep mode or Hibernation mode. There are plenty more computer problems and solutions that you need to be aware of.

· Do not keep your laptop on a hard metallic surface, as the surface heats up quicker. Use it on wood or place it on a cloth of some sort.

· Buy a laptop cooling pad which offers more than one external fan. This lowers the temperature inside the laptop with the help of the additional fan, and also provides a safe surface to place the laptop on.

· Ensure that the temperature of the room where you are using the laptop is not too high. If you have additional fans or an air conditioner in the room, switch them on.

· Give the laptop to a computer repair store and ask them to open it up and clean the insides at least once a year. The accumulation of dust can cause some serious overheating problems, and this must be avoided in the best way possible.

All these solutions will produce different results for different people, since everyone has their own method and space for using their laptops. A combination of any of these methods should be sufficient to solve all your overheating problems, and increase the longevity of your machine.
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