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How to get your Windows 8 Start Button Back ( Download Avalible)

When i First Saw The Windows 8 Tile Layout . I thought Microsoft has merged windows phone os with windows 7. But, The New Microsoft windows 8 start Tile Layout would be awesome if i had a touch monitor or a x86 Processor powered Tab. But,I feel like i want my start button back i searched the whole google and found some amazing start buttons for Windows 8 and they all are just awesome

1) Start Menu X

Start Menu X is a replacement of the system menu for professionals. Compatible with Windows 8.1
Power users know how inconvenient and time-consuming it is to launch programs from the system menu.
We have created a solution for you!

2) Stardock's Windows 8 Start Button

This is an amazing start button for Windows 8. It fits into the Windows 8 . You can also change the style of of the way it looks.You can also get the windows 8 style.The below picture looks like windows 7 style .This is really a great application and its not free it costs 4.99$ . Its also available for 30days trail .You can get trail version from  here


3) Pokki's Windows 8 Start Button

This is an another amazing alternative to the start dock windows 8 start button. But, it does not fits into or matched windows 8 style. Its completely different button but with different features. You can install some cool apps in this start button and you can pin it in your task bar. You can directly check all your facebook,twitter newsfeed in your Start Button . You can also install it in your windows 7 PC too. Sounds amazing right.

 You can download it for free  download here

4) Lee Soft's windows 8 Start Button

Its an another alternative of those both.The Windows 8 Start button looks the same way that it looked in windows 7 . I mean to say It exactly looks like windows 7 button and it don't have any cool features like the above two . If you want a simple start button for your windows 8 then its a cool option. You can get a free download .. download here

windows 8 start menu  

How to get your Windows 8 Start Button Back ( Download Avalible) How to get your Windows 8 Start Button Back ( Download Avalible) Reviewed by Sriram PV on 22:37:00 Rating: 5


  1. Classic start menu (freeware app)

    1. Yes +rik zimmer. Its also a good attractive start menu for windows 8.


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