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Dropbox - Simpify your life


What is Dropbox?
It is a website which provides online storage (free-2gb) and also makes file sharing easy.We can keep our files where ever we go or we can say we can have access to all your data from anywhere in the world.It can also be used for online backup.

Features of dropbox:-

1)One of the great feature of dropbox is automatic uploading . We just need to copy the file to the dropbox folder to upload it. There is no need to log on to the dropbox account whenever we need to upload the file.

2)One another feature is suppose we are have more than one computer. One in home and another in office and we want some files(which are in home or office's computer) on both of the computers. So we can directly copy the file to the dropbox folder. And on another computer it will be automatically downloaded.
If we want to download the file on computer on which dropbox is not installed. We can download it by logging to the dropbox account by visiting dropbox website.
3)Dropbox app also available for smartphones(blackberry, apple, android etc.). We can access files on the smartphone too.
4)Dropbox can be used for the online backup.

What we need for using drop box?
-A Dropbox account      (Click here to create it)
-Dropbox application   
-A Personal computer

How to use it?
First create an account on Dropbox's website.
And Install the Dropbox software.
Copy the file which we want to share or send to the Dropbox folder which is created automatically when we install Dropbox software.

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