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Top10 Tips To Secure Computer & Accounts From Hackers, Virus, Torjons, Malware Worms

Hello guys, in this tutorial you will learn some tips. One should always keep these things in their mind before taking any step on internet.

Top Tips How to Secure Pc From Worms

1.Installing Firewall on Pc – Most Important Part of Pc

If your are using Computer PC With Windows then Windows PC have already installed firewall in control panel you just make keep it on always. This is most important part of computer Security because if you have not installed this then your Computer Security is 0 any hacker or Trojan can excute you in minutes.

If you are using Alternative Operating System your should install a Firewall separately there is many Firewalls for Linux like CSf and other more Apple Mac also have default Os Firewall.

2. Install Antivirus & Internet Security.

You must have to install Antivirus or Internet Security if you download tools from internet or use friends usb or transfer data from mobile to PC etc etc. if you are base on home little usage then you can use free version of any antivirus like Avira, AVG, are providing free antivirus.

If you Do Work as professional level and business base you must need to buy a license for paid Internet Security Service or Paid Antivirus these paid tools will better secure your computer PC.

3. Don’t Open Unknown Extensions Files.

Never Open Unknowns extension files if you ever download file, which is showing unknown or extension is hidden never take risk to open it may be behind of it contain dangerous virus and can harm your pc badly.

4.Never Touch Unknown spam Emails Without Confirmation.

If You Got Emails in your spam box or like got mails in inbox without bad mail formats like so be smart before open mails use good mail clients like outlook or thinderbird and also use good internet security don’t use any online tool for your mail services.

5. Always Make Setting to Show Hidden Files & Folders

Make sure about your files and folders settings if you don’t know about it then make sure you have choose option to show all hidden files and delete all unknown files and folders spammers use this trick to hide their Trojan into PC.

Check this : Show Hidden Files In Windows Pc & How to Hide Files Default Method

6. Make Backup Regularly.

Do you backup your system regularly ? always make backup for your machine or any device so if your infected with virus you can restore it any time or you can save your data. so make sure you have installed any backup utility in your system.

7. Never Open Unknown Links & Authorize Apps on Social Sites.

Link opening can harm your computer or accounts when you ill see a link look like then understand it is bad link or no open shortlink it can be dangerous too.

When you open links they can steel your cookies or can steel your passwords or may be IP address then they can do any thing with your account.

8. Never Use USB & Memory Card Without Scanning.

9. Turn Off Your Computer While Not Working.

When you complete your work then securely log out to your accounts and Turn off your Computer PC if you ill turnoff pc then hacker can’t do anything while you are online. it is also best tip to secure your self.

10. Do Not Trust Any One on Internet.
This is the Most important part never trust any one on Cyber if your friend told you to open that link or image with bad looking domain or told you to download and install this software etc etc like some hackers put usb and scan every data from pc so be aware from all other peoples.


Top10 Tips To Secure Computer & Accounts From Hackers, Virus, Torjons, Malware Worms Top10 Tips To Secure Computer & Accounts From Hackers, Virus, Torjons, Malware Worms Reviewed by Sriram PV on 22:39:00 Rating: 5

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