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The content shown in this site are gathered from multiple sources. The content is free to share and doesn't hold any copyrights. All the information shared in this site are for educational purpose only. Some of the tricks shown in the site may be risky to use and may harm your computer, so be careful while using them. The author of this site has full rights to remove any content or comments from the site's posts that he may feel inappropriate. All the tricks and methods shared are tested and are mostly accurate. However they may vary for different operating systems, so the author can't guarantee you 100% results.

The softwares and books mentioned or used in this site are referrals to other websites and are not the author's work. The sources for there respective work are credited accordingly. The videos and links in this site are not hosted directly by the author. They are either referrals to other sites or shared using free hosting/sharing services like YouTube and Photobucket. No post in this site promotes or refers any stuff that violate the rules of any (proprietor) softwares, and in case if any post emerges that violates the rules of any software it will soon be removed.

Rest, the site is a mixture of funny tricks and useful tips that may be useful in day-to-day computer. Thanks for showing your interest

For furthur clarifications Contact me.

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